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Glad you visited my website today!

~I hope that you have enjoyed every segment of the "Piano by Faith" website! My dream is to touch the lives of children all over the world! Many do not realize that children today are the future of America! They are so much smarter than we give them credit for, in fact, they are miniature geniuses! I pray that parents all over the world will make the decision to set a strong foundation in the minds and hearts of their children while they are young and

impressionable; not just through music, but with other extracurricular activities that will sharpen their minds and give them a greater desire to achieve as they grow into young adults. You will be surprised to see how much children can learn and remember even in short amounts of time! I would like to play a part in each and every one of my student's lives through teaching them piano! I praise God for this opportunity. 

    Again, I thank you for your visit to "Piano by Faith" and hope you had a wonderful time!

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